The story behind the event

Longtan is the most important tea-growing area in Taoyuan County, also the first place in Taiwan to grow the flowering Lupinus plants. It is home to Lupine flowers. At the end of each year, Lupine seeds are sown between tea plants by the local tea farmers’ association. Lupine flowers will be in full bloom between the following February and March, with their golden petals looking gorgeous in the bright sunlight. They are quite a feast for the eyes. These flowers, after withering away, will become good nutrients for the tea plantations. They sacrifice themselves for other plants, a characteristic that makes them look like a mother to the Hakka people. That’s why the Lupine flower is considered to be the Hakka people’s mother flower.

The annual Taoyuan Lupinus Festival, to enter its fifth edition this year, is an event that welcomes tourists to bring their family members to have a tour of Dabeiken and Sanhe exhibition areas.

Explore the neighborhood on foot. In you ramble through the fields, you can see the beauty of the tea plantations, Lupine flowers, the Hakka culture and tea farms in the countryside.

DaBeiKen Activities

The immersive AR puzzle-solving game takes participants to appreciate Dabeikeng’s history and her stunning landscapes while taking on the challenges. Those who complete the challenge will be awarded a Lupinus commemorative wallet (limited to 100 persons daily). In addition, they can also stand a chance to win a smart fitness bracelet in the lottery.

Enjoy the fun of DIY with the combination of refreshing children-oriented designs and the features of Dabeikeng. Let’s experience the style and charisma of Dabeikeng. There are 3 badge DIYs for you to choose from.

Longtan is the hometown of tea, hence exhibitions and experiential activities are organized to let the visitors explore Dabeikeng’s tea industry, understand the local tea lifestyle, thereby experiencing the charm of the tea township. You are invited to admire the terraced tea plantations and enjoy a great cup of tea at the Time Teahouse.

Sanhe Activities

As if you have come to a vintage market, the nostalgic ambiance is complemented by local delicacies, produce and cultural and creative products.

Vintage items are always in vogue, so come explore the wardrobe that emanates retro vibes!

With activities including hoop rolling, stilts, sandbag tossing and carrying poles, you can experience Hakka culture and relive fun childhood memories.

While appreciating the mountain philosophy of the Sanhe Village and the Hakka culture through the 5 senses, you can also savor Hakka mochi, tea and learn how to roll tea leaves.


World from a chick’s perspective

Sweet and aromatic strawberries/Egg picking fun

Little Hakka pastry chef

Little carp master – Fish farming experience

Little eco-artist

Little gardener

Limited quantity available daily – Succulents DIY

Limited quantity available daily – Lupinus floriculture

Hakka mochi DIY

Egg picking experience

Hakka rice food experience

Tea picking and zongzi wrapping experience

Toy bamboo gun DIY

Hakka fabric DIY

Light journey (half-day)



During the holidays (2/19, 2/20, 2/26, 2/27, 2/28), because there are many people and there is no car turning space, Vehicles and motorcycles that enter the venue without parking spaces will be controlled in a single cycle. Vehicles and motorcycles are required to follow one-way traffic. No parking spaces are provided along the road. If you want to park, please park the vehicles at the venue parking lot.